Iridescent Tangerine and Kiwi Green

I have a new wedding client! I met Ade at a friends house that I went to for a Mary Kay party. The host of the party asked me to bring my invitation samples to put on display. Ade and I were the only two people who showed up and it just so happens that Ade is engaged and loved the invitations. She will be having a destination wedding in Jamaica and her colors are iridescent tangerine and kiwi green. Can you imagine how hard it was to get my hands on those colors? I’ve learned that the name of wedding color swatches and paper color swatches are not the same. I was on a hunt to find paper that was as close to the shade as possible. I found two beautiful stardream paper shades that I knew the bride would love (at least that was my hope). I’m always on the look out for supplies and like an eagle I can spot a craft supply store a mile away, even if it’s not at the most convenient time. For example, I was on a date this evening in New York and I noticed Kate’s Paperie on 6th Avenue on our way to dinner. I have heard of the store and seen their products online but I had never been in the store itself. Since all the NYC tunnel and bridge crossings now cost $8 I had to take advantage of the opportunity (I’m always trying to save a buck). I asked my date if he minded the quick stop. He didn’t, so off I went. I was overwhelmed with the options, but I took a quick visual inventory and made mental notes. I really wanted to stay much longer, but I didn’t want to be rude. Before the night was over we would make two more stops in craft stores I spotted.


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