Monthly Archives: April 2008

Family Business

My cousin Johanna is in town for three weeks visiting from Germany and has been a great help with my business. She has been giving me great ideas and as soon as I get office space I’m hiring her! She has helped me fill a baby shower order and design a wedding invitation sample.


Good News all Around This Weekend

I received great news this weekend. First, I got an email from my cousin Shelly announcing that she got engaged on Friday evening. Then early this morning, my two best friends Nikki and Tyra called me on three-way to tell me that Tyra’s boyfriend proposed this weekend too! I’m so excited for both of them, and of course my creative juices started flowing thinking about wedding invitations. I’m so happy for both of them! 

Tyra & Shakem:

The New Gatefold and Folio Silk Boxes are here!

The House of Papier is excited to announce that we now offer “Gatefold” and “Folio”silk boxes for your invitation needs. Both styles come in a number of colors and can be adorned with ribbons and jewelled embellishments. The House of Papier does not sell individual items. Silk boxes are for invitation customers only.


                                                                     7×7 Gatefold             

                                                              7×7 Gatefold (Inside)


                                                                4×7 Folio Gatefold

Caribbean Wedding Invitations


I had my second consultation with Ade and her fiance’ today to finalize their wedding invitations. Here is the silk box she decided on:

Caribbean Silk Box Invitation


This is the invitation that will go inside the box: 




I am also doing her wedding programs. The programs will double as fans since they are having an outdoor wedding in Jamaica.


Wedding Program (Front)             Wedding Program (Back)

My Home Office…needs a makeover


The display table in my home office

Now that Spring has sprung I really want to redecorate my home office. The room is a decent size for a small office (it’s definitely not big enough for a bedroom) and since my desktop computer crashed a couple of months ago (back your files up people!) I now have extra room. I put my display table in its place and I’d like to see if I can fit a small two-seater couch in there as well. The former owner took out the door and knocked out part of the wall to open the space that leads into the living room. I’m thinking about adding a nice curtain partition. Maybe I’ll make a trip to IKEA this weekend to see what they have. Let’s just say I got big plans for my Economic Stimulus Check from the government. When did they say we should expect it?

The swatch is here!

Finally, my new silk fabric swatch has arrived! It came today along with my new silk box samples. I can’t wait to get started on this order. I’ll meet with Ade this weekend to finalize the invitation designs and also to show her the wedding program I created for her. Since she’s getting married outdoors in Jamaica she would like a program that doubles as a fan. They’re going to be so beautiful!

Thai Silk Swatch   

Swatches, Palm trees and Swarovski Crystals….Oh My!





Okay, so I never found my swatch. The new one is on its way. I ordered it this morning along with some new invitation boxes and holders. I can’t wait for my package to get here. It should take about 3-5 business days (with the amount I paid for international shipping, it needs to be here tomorrow!). I decided to wait to meet with Ade until the swatch gets here. We won’t be able to get much accomplished without it anyway. In the meantime, I’m creating the invitation inserts and the wedding programs. Instead of having a rhinestone buckle on the front of the silk box, Ade requested a palm tree and Swarovski crystals. I found a palm tree embellishment (Google is a wonderful thing!). I think I am going to incorporate ribbon and use the palm tree embellishments as a clasp. I’ll have to think about the Swarovski crystals, because I don’t want the outside of the invitation to look tacky.