The New Gatefold and Folio Silk Boxes are here!

The House of Papier is excited to announce that we now offer “Gatefold” and “Folio”silk boxes for your invitation needs. Both styles come in a number of colors and can be adorned with ribbons and jewelled embellishments. The House of Papier does not sell individual items. Silk boxes are for invitation customers only.


                                                                     7×7 Gatefold             

                                                              7×7 Gatefold (Inside)


                                                                4×7 Folio Gatefold


4 responses to “The New Gatefold and Folio Silk Boxes are here!

  1. I am interested in purchasing silk gatefold boxes for my wedding invitations. Please contact me about pricing

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Following is the pricing information for Wedding Invitations:

    Invitations start at $33.00
    One invitation set includes the follow:

    1 Embellished Silk Invitation Box
    1 Invitation
    1 RSVP Insert
    1 RSVP Return Envelope

    All invitations are customized based on the customers specifications (i.e color scheme, embellishments, theme, etc.). Samples start at $50.00 and may include an additional cost based on the type of embellishments you are interested in. If the sample is being shipped within the U.S. the shipping cost is $7.00.

    Once you are interested in placing an order, all silk box invitations start at $33.00 per set. Orders take 6 weeks to fill (or more based on how many orders we are working on at once).


  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Profiteering.

  4. Hi Profiteering,

    The House of Papier is an invitation business. I use silk boxes to create elegant invitations. This post announced the new gatefold boxes that we now offer. We also offer square 6×6 inch silk boxes. I hope this helps explain our products. If you have any questions feel free to add another post or email me at


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