Monthly Archives: June 2008

Embellish Your Invitation

The House of Papier offers a wide selection of embellishments to adorn your invitations. Since all designs are customized from conception, if your vision calls for a specific embellishment, I guarantee you I can find it!







The Final Product

I realize that I forgot to share with you Ade’s final wedding invitations. I actually finished back on May 23rd and Ade mailed them off that following Monday. I love the final product! It makes me want to have a beach wedding too! Here are some pictures I took while I was working on the invitations:

Ade\'s silk invitation boxes Ade\'s silk wedding boxes

Three days after Ade mailed them to her guests I received a phone call from her maid of honor expressing how much she adored the invitations. Ade also shared that she received so many compliments from her other guests. She has posted a customer testimonial on the “Testimonials” page so make sure you check it out.

It’s been a While….

Sorry for staying away for so long. In addition to being in and out of town and having a house guest for the last month, I have been working hard to revamp my business. Look out for new posts about my new logo, blog skin, and website and upcoming clients. I’m really excited about it but I don’t want to give away too much just yet. See ya back here soon!