Invitations 101: When to send out Invitations


Ideally, invitations should be mailed to your guests no less than two months prior to your event. For larger events that require guests to travel, you should allow more time. Remember that your guests may have to make arrangements such as secure a baby sitter for their children, book flights and hotel rooms, find a pet sitter and give notice at work for vacation time in order to attend your event. It’s important to make attending your event as convenient as possible.

The best solution for providing adequate time is to send out Save the Date cards. Save the dates are becoming more and more popular and give guests a heads up about you event. If you’re going to go this route save the dates can be sent out as early as three or four months prior to the event. While e-vites and other electronic invitations are popular and free, they are impersonal and really should not be used for special events. Save those for backyard barbecues and happy hour get togethers. Remember that invitations set the tone for what is to come.

Weddings fall into a different category when it comes to the time line of mailing invitations. You should contact your invitationeeras soon as you secure a date and location. Most invitation designers require advance notice and may have a lead time of anywhere between four to eight weeks depending on the number of invitations and the level of customization. Save the dates, can go out as early as eight months to a year prior to the wedding.

House of Papier creates save the date cards as well as invitations. If you are interested in ourproducts, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you lock in your event date. Due to the custom and personalized details of our invitations, we require at least eight weeks to fill an order.

Contact House of Papier at:


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