Invitation 101: Planning for Postage

Postage is an important element to consider when planning your wedding or event budget, and once again the United States Postal service is raising their rates on first class postage. Effective May 11, 2009 a first class stamp will cost you 44¢. Whether you plan on mailing out your invites yourself or leaving that up to your invitationer, it is important to note in your budget, after all, every penny counts these days. Don’t forget that the “Forever” stamps are just that, their value remains forever the same even when the price of postage goes up.


An important tip that you may not know about is to take your invitations to the Post Office and ask them to manually stamp them. Otherwise they will be run through the mail with every other piece of mail. Why does it matter? Invitations tend not to be completely flat – it may have multiple folds, inserts, or embellishments that can rip when run through the postage machine. So be sure to hand carry them to your post office to make this extra special request. Happy mailing!


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